Critics Of AG Kris Kobach: No Attorney General Should Be Moonlighting

Recent reporting from Kansas offers an update on the GOP maverick who continues to practice a respectable amount of hustle . . . Check-it . . .

Kobach is still listed as lead counsel on two cases he brought while working as a private attorney in 2021 at the same time he launched his bid for attorney general. Records show he filed a motion last month to dismiss one of the cases.

Then the Fremont, Nebraska, city council voted 5-3 Tuesday to end its contract with Kobach's law firm, a long-running deal where Kobach was paid a $10,000 per year retainer if the city were sued over an ordinance he helped draft . . .

Fremont, meanwhile, hasn't paid Kobach for his legal services in 2022 and 2021 but recently received a bill for that time period. City council member Sally Ganem, who proposed ending Fremont's contract with Kobach, said she was pushing to do so largely because Kobach had been elected AG.

"The attorney general is the attorney for the state and its agencies," Ganem said. "Let me be candid: No attorney general should be moonlighting representing a city of another state. And this contract needs to be terminated."

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Kris Kobach's private practice work raises questions, despite serving as attorney general

A Nebraska town opted to end its contract with Attorney General Kris Kobach's law firm, with the implications of Kobach's private practice work unclear now that he has been elected once again to statewide office.