Costly Jackson County Jail Slap Fight Cont'd

We're still holding out hope for the new legislature . . . But this hot mess proves it won't be easy.

Best update for now . . .

"The Jackson County Legislature on Monday approved borrowing $262 million. Funding the jail will cost the county $16 million a year. The debate didn’t come without tension and debate . . . They authorized the loan, but not the jail’s construction."

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Tension-filled debate held before Jackson County Legislature approves funding for new jail

Lawmakers in Jackson County took the next step on Monday to build a brand new jail.

Jackson County legislature running out of time to approve contract for new jail

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. (KCTV) - Time is running out for the Jackson County legislature to approve a contract for the new jail. The deadline for contractors to keep their pricing is today, May 1. The legislature has two items that need immediate approval.