Conservative Blog Seyz SMSD Student Protesters Are Commies

We don't claim to speak for the NextGen here at TKC. 

In fact, a slightly funny reference from a dated TV show comes to mind on this topic: 

"How do you do, fellow kids?"

However . . . 

Our conservative colleagues over at a worthwhile blog are still attempting to milk the last few clicks out of an otherwise great story they broke last week.

However . . . 

They're obviously weary of the discussion and starting to sound like Nixon in '72 as he called everybody who disagreed with him a commie in between complaining about his sciatica and trying to delay Elvis from visiting the White House.

Check-it . . .

"This is frightening stuff these kids are spouting. What are they teaching in the Shawnee Mission School District – I mean, besides that whites are oppressors? The desire to have people with different opinions silenced, shunned and shown the door is the stuff of Bolshevism."

Read more via link . . .

What are they teaching these kids? Kansas City-area students call for teacher's head for speaking out about racist, divisive curriculum

While a Kansas City-area school district is allegedly teaching divisive and racist notions in the name of "equity," it also appears to be falling decidedly short on teaching the First Amendment. Some 60 students at Shawnee Mission North High School staged a walkout Wednesday to protest teacher Caedran Sullivan's op-ed published alerting parents and patrons to the "indoctrination" going on there.