Complaints Against Kansas AG Kris Kobach 'Moonlighting' Garner Momentum

A Topeka editorial merits attention in the aftermath of a tense session . . .

Kansans deserve Kobach's full attention as attorney general.

We do think he owes the state and its citizens an explanation. Certainly, he needs to come clean about how much he’s moonlighting. But also who is he working for? How many hours is he spending on these projects? Have any state funds or resources been used to support these efforts? Have these projects taken him away from state business?

Right now, we don’t have the answers we need.

When asked about this, Kobach didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Kobach needs to be willing to answer the above questions.

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Attorney General Kris Kobach needs to put Kansas first and set aside his law firm pursuits

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach is busy. He's been on retainer with the city of Fremont, Nebraska, until this month. The Topeka Capital Journal's Andrew Bahl reports the Fremont, Nebraska, city council voted 5-3 May 9 to end its contract with Kobach's law firm, a long-running deal where Kobach was paid a $10,000 per year retainer if the city were sued over an ordinance he helped draft.