Clay County Considers Closing Records In Kansas City Northland Teen Shooting Case

Meanwhile . . . We notice the newspaper playing up the racial angle on this ongoing tragedy.

Here's the only worthwhile passage we could find . . .

Prosecutor Zachary Thompson made the argument in a court filing Tuesday after Lester’s attorney sought a protective order asking a judge to prevent additional case information from being shared publicly.

Thompson did not oppose Lester’s request, but said legal precedent had established “a strong presumption in favor of the public’s right to access.”

“In cases such as this, the Court must strike a balance between the public’s legitimate interest in access, and the equally legitimate interest in preserving the legal integrity of the case and ensuring a fair trial,” Thompson wrote. “If justice is to be served, it must be done in a manner consistent with both due process and public interest.”

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If records are closed in Ralph Yarl case, public has right to know why, prosecutors say

If records are closed in the criminal case of Andrew Lester, the white Kansas City homeowner who is accused of shooting Ralph Yarl, a Black teenager who rang the wrong doorbell, the public has a right to know why, Clay County prosecutors say.

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Prosecutor in Ralph Yarl case says legal precedent favors keeping court records open

A Missouri prosecutor is asking a judge to carefully consider the public's right to information while determining whether to seal court records in the case of Andrew Lester, a white homeowner who is accused of shooting a Black teenager who mistakenly came to his home.Lester's attorney, Steven Salmon, filed a motion May 1 asking a judge to seal court records.

Clay County prosecutor argues transparency is key in Ralph Yarl shooting

LIBERTY, Mo. - A month after an elderly Missouri man allegedly shot and injured a Black teenager who mistakenly showed up at his door, prosecutors responded to a request from the defendant's attorney. Andrew Lester is accused of shooting and injuring 16-year-old Ralph Yarl on April 13 in Kansas City.

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