Clay Chastain Campaigns Against Bud Light

Should've picked this up a bit earlier but it's still applicable given recent "woke" boozy controversy emerging in the national discourse. 

The basics . . . 


Here's the word and a look at his hope to recruit more supporters . . . 

Clay Chastain press release: Chastain unveils Grassroots Yard Sign Campaign to begin his epic charge to come from way behind and win the Kansas City's Mayor's race without raising any money from special interests.

(Far-left) Lucas has raised approximately $1.0 million (mostly from wealthy real estate attorneys, big construction firms and rich developers). (No debate) Lucas is chained to those special interests. City Hall is thereby corrupt.

(Centrist) Chastain is not chained to any wealthy special interests because he is not accepting their money. Doing what's right for the people will be Chastain's only interest. Innovative-thinking Chastain has designed a way for his supporters
to help him start a "Grassroots Yard Sign Campaign" in lieu of making a campaign contribution (See attached picture of the (Chastain for Mayor) yard sign, where they can be ordered from and a full disclosure statement).

We don't need 4-more years of Lucas and his...Reparations, Cold War with Police, Stoking Racial Tensions, $100 million per mile Touristy streetcars, Poor Transit and Record-Setting Homicides!

We need a New Kind of Mayor:
A Mayor with common sense, a Mayor with integrity, a Mayor who will put infrastructure ahead of glitz, a Mayor who will represent all the people and a Mayor who will use his God-given talents to Engineer a New Way Forward for Kansas City.

Clay Chastain


Take a peek at his campaign sign via screencap . . .

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Bud Light boycott is working, Anheuser-Busch ex-executive says

The boycott of Bud Light over its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney "isn't going away," because it fits the pattern of previously successful consumer boycotts, a former executive at the brand's parent company has said. Anson Frericks, who spent more than a decade at Anheuser-Busch, said Bud Light's appeal had been that it was "inoffensive" but that appeal was now gone.

Bud Light to launch camouflage bottle amid transgender controversy: report

Anheuser-Busch will temporarily redesign its Bud Light and Budweiser aluminum bottles with camouflage print in an effort to boost sales after its promotion of a transgender influencer, according to a report.

And a repeated mistake . . .

Is there No Safe Beer for conservative Americans to drink anymore?!

Is there no safe beer for conservatives in America to drink right now?! First, Bud Light sent a few beers to a transgender influencer in early April. Then, Miller Lite ran an ad celebrating female brewers and offering up a lighthearted mea culpa over all the beer ads over the years featuring women in bikinis.

Joe Rogan mocks 'woke' Miller Lite campaign: 'How many women are involved in making beer'

Joe Rogan mocked Miller Lite after the brand's months-old ad - in which "Broad City" actress Ilana Glazer touts women beer-makers - resurfaced on social media this week. "I'd like to see a pie chart of how many women are actually involved in making beer or drinking beer," Rogan said on Tuesday.

You decide . . .