Chastain Vows To 'Decommission' Disputed Kansas City Reparations Movement

Perspective on the recent primary . . .

Mayor Lucas garnered 81 percent of the vote. 35,351 ballots support the incumbent and his agenda. 

However . . . 

Hopeful, pundits advise us to take note of Clay Chastain's efforts which have resulted in a 10X increase in his ballot box performance over his last time around. 

Mr. Chastain garnered 18.5% of the vote with 8,026 ballots cast in his direction. 

Typically, there are more voters in the general election and we'll see if Clay is able to overcome incredible odds.

Accordingly . . . Here's his latest note hoping to capitalize on widespread negative sentiment against recent efforts advocating reparations for slavery. 

Check-it . . .

Clay Chastain press release: Chastain's message to Kansas City voters: A vote for Mayor Lucas is a vote for reparations. A vote for Chastain, is a vote not only against reparations, but also a vote to decommission the Commission on Reparations Lucas has just commissioned.

If Mayor Lucas leans any further to the left, he's going to fall over into San Francisco Bay.

Right before the Mayoral General Election, Lucas announces he wants to bribe Black voters with the promise of more free money. This time, in the form of reparations.

He did not campaign this way 4-years ago. But now there is an Extreme (left) Lucas Effect blowing across KC: (1) Lucas' (defund) Cold War with Police (2) Lucas calls Police Board System, "colonial & racist" (3) Lucas implies, on National TV, the northland is a racist community (4) Lucas ups the ante in favor of reparations, etc.

Lucas has morphed into a Progressive Copycat Mayor who has no original ideas, or words, of his own. Woke Whites, Liberal Backs and the Lefty Star & KCUR constitute his brigade.

The reparations idea he has copied is really bad and will only further divide us, further burden KC taxpayers and cause sane residents to rush toward saner environs.

If Lucas really wanted more "equal opportunity" for Blacks (like I do) he would not have supported all the glitzy projects (for Whites) that he has.... touristy streetcars, new swanky airport, new convention hotel, new fake park over freeway, etc.

Unlike Lucas, I will calm things down and move KC ahead by directing our remaining Community Capital (in addition to federal matching infrastructure funds) into infrastructure-rebuilding, economic investments on the Eastside and ending the homicide crisis.

By stirring up the ancient past and whipping up racial tension, Lucas is trying to distract from the present - his failure to keep his promise and end the record-setting homicides that have occured under his tenure as Mayor.

 4-more years of Lucas will be 4-more years of further upsetting our Community, holding it back and turning it into the San Francisco of the Midwest. Fortunately, there is an alternative candidate.

Developing . . .