Chastain Calls Media & Mayor Q Chicken Sh*t For Dearth Of Coverage & No Debate

Clay's clearly getting a bit frustrated with Kansas City politics that has grown even more inaccessible over the years.

His latest presser is worth reading if only because his outrage about fading local democracy is palpable. 

Check-it . . .

Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain press release: With only 6-weeks to go before voters decide... who will be Mayor of Kansas City, who will lead a large American City, who will lead the Kansas City metro area...where have the all the media gone? Gone into hiding, along with (No debate)Lucas, everyone.

Cleaver debated, Barnes debated, Funkhouser debated, James debated, but not Lucas. And not one single media outlet in Kansas City has called Lucas out as to why he won't debate his sole opponent, Clay Chastain, before the people of Kansas City. The chicken shit-position of both the media and Lucas, shames American Democracy.  It only adds to the people's distrust of the media and should disqualify Lucas in the minds of voters.

The following KC media outlets (and organizations) have not only refused to call out Lucas on this outrage (and have violated their journalistic ethics), but also none of them have even proposed a Mayoral General Election debate between myself and Lucas: The Star, KCUR,  KC Chamber, Northland Chamber, Channel 4, 41, 5 or 9, Women's League of Voters, the Call, the Pitch, Dos Mundos, KCBJ, the Northeast news, Freedom Inc., KC Tenants, the Beacon, et al. You get the picture? They are either... in collusion with the far-left Lucas Administration, afraid to open up the political process in Democrat-controlled Kansas City, unprofessional or just plain lazy. None are complimentary. That also sets a terrible precedent (never before seen in the history of Kansas City) where there was never a public debate held between the final two candidates for Mayor. But the media and Lucas had no problem emerging from their hiding places to exploit the Ralph Karl incident.

One KC newsman has a motto..."Where there is no vision, the people perish". I might add to that: Where voters are kept in the dark, the people perish!

Therefore, it's time for the media to renew trust with the voters, demonstrate ethics and call for a Mayoral debate on behalf of the voters of Kansas City. ps: we know where you live. Hah ha

Clay Chastain...Engineering a New Way Forward for Kansas City


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