Celebrate Kansas City 'NO VOTE' Toy Train Down By The River?!?

This morning we're greeted with more sketchy numbers and hype for a controversial mode of transit that was only pushed though by rigged votes and tax schemes.

Still . . . Here's a clip from a cog in the hype machine . . .

The new Port Improvement District would add a one-cent sales tax to purchases and a property tax surcharge to property owners in the riverfront area. A similar development district is being used to finance the local share of the Main Street streetcar extension.

An estimate made a year ago projected the special taxes from the Port Improvement District would yield $22 million over 30 years.

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KC Streetcar Extension on the Riverfront Gains Momentum

Port KC took the first step towards funding its share of the planned streetcar extension to Berkley Riverfront Park this week when its development committee endorsed creating a special taxing district. Launching what would be called Port Improvement District 6 still requires approval from the full board and support from property owners.