Capitalism FAILED: Gracie Hunt Shares Mexican Bikini Pix

This morning, courtesy of the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS, we share a link to the good life whilst the working-class enjoy a few hours off from their eternal grind . . . Here's money line of this skimpy report that merely serves to note the 1% showing a tasteful bit of skin:

"Never a boring time to be Gracie Hunt."

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Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt's Latest Bathing Suit Photo During Mexican Vacation Goes Viral

Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt is back on vacation during Memorial Day weekend. Just last week, Gracie was in South Florida soaking up the sun. "There are some places I can't help coming back to again and again.☀️💛 Check out my blog for some of my favorite go to spots in South Florida.