Build-For-Rent Rises In Overland Park

Inflation has all but killed the dream of home ownership for most Americans.

A shift in U.S. economics . . . 

For all intents & purposes, this is now a nation of renters.

And so . . . In our of our finest suburbs, a new real estate trend has emerged.

Here's the back story . . . And then info to a few gambit to remove any semblance of ownership from the working-class . . .

BFR housing, sometimes called “build-to-rent,” is a fairly new twist on an old concept. Of course, everyone knows about houses for lease, and a lot of people have even owned them as investors. But BFR is a little different. Instead of just having a house here or there, BFR homes are clustered together and form a community, much like an apartment community, and with many of the same amenities.

“What we mean by ‘build-for-rent’ is that we build what's essentially an apartment building as a defined community,” says Ben Miller, co-founder and CEO of Fundrise, a real estate investment platform headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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The Rise of Built-for-Rent

The housing market continues to be incredibly tight for home buyers, with just 2.7 months of available housing supply for sale as of November 2022, but it's also not been a picnic for renters, who are fighting for units in an increasingly tightening (and expensive) market.

Overland Park 'build-to-rent' subdivision offers alternative to buying a home - Kansas City Business Journal

A subsidiary of Mission Peak Capital is finishing the initial homes of the first subdivision in the metro area consisting of all-new single-family rental homes. Renting a home in the Overland Park subdivision offers a more affordable alternative amid a still tight housing market and higher interest rates, the developer says.