Better Kansas City Trans Sanctuary Than Illegal Immigrant Destination?!?

Just kidding . . . We can do both!!!

Or, calm down . . . Comb your beard . . . Remember we're all about the lulz here . . .

It seems that Kansas City headlines are focused on trans accommodation whilst other Democratic Party enclaves are confronting new friends freshly delivered from South of the border.

Credit that image up top to our good-old-fashioned Catholic guilt.

Either way . . . The immediate impact of the hot mess MIGHT mean that your grandpa will be spending a great deal of time in Facebook jail whilst his political opponents run wild and fabulous. 

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Spike in illegal border entries does not materialize in immediate aftermath of Title 42's end

An expected spike in illegal crossings along the U.S.-Mexico border after the termination of the Title 42 pandemic-era migration control policy earlier this week did not materialize in the immediate aftermath of the policy change, according to government data obtained by CBS News. On Friday, the first day since March 2020 in which the U.S.

Southern border stays calm but confusion builds as new asylum policies take effect

The southern border remained mostly calm after pandemic-era restrictions that immediately expelled migrants expired. The Biden administration is implementing new rules that reject asylum seekers who did not apply online or who traveled through another country. That's being challenged in court but confusion for those crossing the border remains.

Migrant bus arrives at Kamala Harris' doorstep hours before end of Title 42

A busload of migrants from Texas arrived at Vice President Kamala Harris' residence in Washington, DC, on Thursday, hours before Title 42 was set to expire. More than 30 migrants - men, women and children, most from Venezuela - were dropped off outside the US Naval Observatory, which hosts the official residence of the vice president, according to NBC News.

Busing migrants from Texas to sanctuary cities costs millions of dollars. Is it helping?

Texas has put on buses 13,200 migrants taken from the border with Mexico and dropped off at sanctuary cities at the cost of $26 million since April 2022. When President Joe Biden announced early last year that he was suspending Title 42, many Republican states, including Texas, objected. Gov.

Massive border crisis means Dem-led 'sanctuary cities' are finally paying the price

That loud clucking sound we are hearing from "sanctuary cities" and other cities run by Democrats is the consequence of lax immigration policies coming home to roost. After declaring with a straight face that the southern border is "secure," Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is dispatching civilian employees to the border to help "process" migrants who have been coming in waves that resemble an invading army.

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