Ban Smoking Inside Kansas City Casinos?!?

It's not as hard as locals might think . . . Given that most patrons are already addicted to their own dopamine reactions.

Here's the newspaper argument . . .

"On a daily basis, visitors place bets amid smoke-filled sections at Harrah’s, Bally’s, Ameristar, 7th Street and Hollywood casinos. And of course smoke doesn’t stay out of the non-smoking side.

"The people affected the most, studies say? If you guessed workers — with more than 27,000 jobs supported at the 13 casinos in Missouri and 11 in Kansas, according to the American Gaming Association — you would be correct. They’re put at risk by exposure to secondhand smoke, which can cause myriad respiratory ailments for both adults and children, studies have shown.

"Through no fault of their own, nonsmokers — including children and the elderly — are at risk. Shouldn’t that account for something? Hospitality workers must be fully protected from smoke in the workplace, advocates contend. We can’t disagree. No one is immune from dangerous toxins and carcinogens in cigarette smoke."

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You can still smoke inside these Kansas City-area businesses - and all the casinos | Opinion

Walk into a bar and grill in Platte Woods - a 230-acre town straddling Interstate 29 just south of Barry Road - and you'll smell it in the air right away: Businesses here don't have to provide a smoke-free environment. That's no knock on any joint here that allows customers to light up.