Voters Will Regret Kansas City Silence On Slavery Reparations

There is a major issue confronting Kansas City elected officials that EVERYONE was far too terrified to discuss. 

Whilst we lament the polite conversation about local crime . . . We're forced to acknowledge that KCMO politicos have come to a consensus regarding the historic & deadly crisis.

Apparently . . .  

Local politicos are going to hope that 30 MILLION BUCKS worth of no show jobs for their friends will help curb the local rate of killing. 

Good luck.

However . . . 

The move toward reparations is far more clandestine. 

Already KCMO has formed a commission to "study" the effort. 

The reality . . . 


For opponents of reparations . . . Their hope is that the Missouri GOP will step in and squelch any payouts. That's likely . . . But not before a great deal of animosity and another realization that Mayor & council don't really have much in common with the electorate. And all of THAT is one of many reasons why so many people ignore local elections. 

A quick question just to make our point clear . . .

Do you know where Mayor Q or council candidates stand on slavery reparations??? OF COURSE NOT!!! Because almost nobody asked them about it & TKC is the only place that reported political questions about racially charged payback. Sadly, KCMO won't really know where their elected officials stand on this controversial issue until long after the current election when 12th & Oak passes something truly awful. 

Here's the big picture and more info . . .

"This question is part of a much larger debate: what does society owe the descendants of enslaved and colonized people? How can we measure the harms caused by the slave trade, slavery and colonialism when these harms span centuries and still shape our lives? Who can decide what ought to be done to repair these harms, and who should pay?"

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Developing . . .