Truman Library Shares Sneak Peek At Double A-Bomb Drop Postscript

There's a longstanding debate about former Prez Truman's status as a war criminal and/or hero.

Credit to a local institution for confronting the legacy head-on . . .

The exhibit, “Rooted among the Ashes: Hibakujumoku/A-bombed Trees,” features photographs by Kansas City native Katy McCormick.  

The Japanese term hibakujumoku refers to trees that survived the blasts that flattened the two cities.

McCormick’s images document the trees, the sometimes twisted and contorted manner in which they have grown since 1945, how some since have been shored up and supported, and how many believe they represent a universal will to survive and endure.

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Truman Library Makes Plans to Host Hiroshima Trees

Hiroshima trees may soon take root at the Truman Library. Library visitors last week learned of the landscaping project, now being planned, while viewing photographs depicting the trees that survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ordered by President Harry Truman and hastening the end of World War II.