TKC Reader: North Carolina Basketball Gunfire Turnabout Offers Life Lesson

Thanks to one of our favorite readers . . . We were able to make a local connection to this story that might or might not have a local connection. 

Here's hoping another family hits the GoFundMe lottery . . .

"And -- here we go-- --the full 180 made with a total race and gender swap: Lesson? Stay off of my lawn, I guess."

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6-year-old girl, parents shot after basketball rolls into man's North Carolina yard

A North Carolina 6-year-old and her parents were shot Tuesday night by an angry neighbor who fired at them after a basketball rolled into his yard, a report. Kinsley White was wounded along with her mother Ashley Hilderbrand and father William White when a gunman opened fire at around 8 p.m.

Six-year-old shot after basketball rolls into North Carolina man's yard

"They were playing basketball, and a ball rolled into his yard. They went to go and get it. It was just crazy," said Jonathan Robertson, who lives in the Gaston County neighbourhood. "We just never expected it in a million years. We never expected anybody would break a gun out amongst all those kids."