State Senator Mike Thompson Almost Explains GOP Voting Reforms

There's reason for EVERYONE to be suspicious given that Johnson County has been totally overtaken by progressives in recent years . . . We're not saying there are any shenanigans at play . . . Merely noting the trend that probably has a lot to do with demographics and income levels. 

Sadly, the response to "blue" progress has earned partisan resistance rather than support to protect the vote from both sides . . . Here's the former weather dude advocating GOP legislation . . . 

"One bill that needs to survive is an election integrity bill...SB209, which simply requires all ballots to be in by 7 p.m. on election day.  This would stop the senseless acceptance of ballots for 3 days after election day is over.  This is a measure designed to limit election theft through late ballot collection when it becomes clear to fraudsters how many votes are needed for a candidate to win...after the election results have been announced.

"SB209 creates a clear finish line for ALL VOTERS!  With all the advanced voting options available...there is really no reason anyone cannot get their ballots in on time.  We give those serving in our military extra time and even more ways to cast their they are not limited in their ability to vote.

"Of course, those who oppose this measure always make the specious argument that we are trying to limit access to voting. I challenge them to explain how creating a level playing field for all establishing a standardized end to the voting...for EVERYONE!  It makes no sense."

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Kansas State Senator Mike Thompson: "The Governor keeps racking up the vetoes this week as the legislature prepares to return to work next week for the veto override session."