Show-Me Trans Clinic All Clear As AG 'Snitch Form' Not So Quietly Removed

Don't worry . . . This report won't convince anybody to approach the topic with compassion rather than partisan hostility . . .

"A Missouri university says an internal review found no merit to claims of poor care at its pediatric transgender clinic."

Meanwhile . . . In LGBT tech news . . . Check the backstory on social media activism against a Missouri online abuse report page . . . 

After days of TikTok and Twitter users spamming the site with gibberish, the tip line has been removed from the Missouri government site entirely. Instead of the online form, the link to the tip line now says that the page no longer exists.

Madeline Sieren, press secretary for Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, blamed “far left activists” for breaking the site. She said the tip line is down temporarily.

“Rather than standing on their supposed science to back up their facts, they’re resorting to trying to hack our system to silence victims of the exact network we’re attempting to expose,” Sieren told TechCrunch in an email. “In order to ensure the integrity of a government website, the page is temporarily down while we investigate these matters.”

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Review finds no misconduct at Missouri trans youth clinic

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- A Missouri university said Friday that an internal review has found allegations of improper care at a center for young transgender patients were "unsubstantiated," after a former employee made claims of poor treatment - leading the state's attorney general to investigate.

Missouri trans 'snitch form' down after people spammed it with the 'Bee Movie' script

Concerned citizens armed with fanfiction and the "Bee Movie" script took down a government-run website in Missouri.