Show-Me Trans Activists Accusing Missouri GOP Of Inciting Violence?!?

A not-so-neat and sketchy trick . . . 

Blaming the other side of a political debate for imagined threats and other tragic events not directly connected to a policy and/or court fight. 

Make no mistake . . . There's a legit beef with a Missouri trans crackdown on adults that even hardline Republicans believe is doomed to FAIL.

However, this donor funded prog blog blame game crosses the line of common sense . . . Take a peek:

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey appears to believe animosity towards transgender people and their families and medical providers is useful to him politically, and a court loss is more likely to add gasoline to that fire than dampen it.

But this is not a game.  

Missouri is a state awash in guns, where police believe they have no power in the absence of a red flag law to take weapons away from people known to be violent and unstable. A Missouri man who had marinated in right-wing vitriol for years just shot a Black teenager who mistakenly knocked on his door.

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We know where the Missouri AG's inflammatory anti-trans rhetoric could lead * Missouri Independent

Numerous state and congressional committees found Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong, but the damage was done. The organization lost funding to provide contraception in a number of states, potentially lifesaving medical research was halted, doctors were defamed and threatened, and three people lost their lives.