Show-Me Tougher Rules For Petition Power

The margins are a bit steeper BUT politicos remain bound by voter consent.

Notice that even Missouri Democrats aren't crying over this one . . . Check the quote . . .

House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade said even with the Senate changes, the legislation is silencing the voice of voters. But she praised the Senate's proposed limits to block lawmakers from immediately undoing the will of voters.

We believe that voters should have access to holding us accountable," Quade said.

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Missouri Senate OKs higher bar for constitutional changes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri voters would need approval from a majority of the state's congressional districts or a 57% statewide vote to amend the state constitution under a proposal the Senate passed Thursday. Senators voted 24-10 along party lines in favor of the change, which would go before voters if passed by the House by the May 12 end of session.