Show-Me Salary Good News For Teachers

Just a bit of Sunday hope . . . After earning nationwide shame for some of the lowest teacher salaries in the nation . . .

Take a peek at bi-partisan progress on the table . . .

The package is a compilation of several education-related bills. It would create a grant fund through 2027 to provide 70% of the funding needed to help increase the salaries.

“This is a fundamental piece and that is to reset that $25,000 low, low, low bar,” said state Rep. Ed Lewis, R-Moberly.

Another feature of his bill would change the funding calculation for state aid to public schools from the current 5% maximum annual increase to 9% over the next nine years.

“That will increase the amount of money that’s generated inside the foundation formula, which will go into the ability to pay teachers the starting salary, and in fact, all salaries,” said Lewis.

Currently, 75% of state revenue received by a district is placed in a fund for teachers and the remaining 25% goes in an incidental fund. The Lewis bill would require that beginning in 2025, 85% of any state funding increase be placed in the teacher fund with the remaining 15% going in the incidental fund.

State Rep. Maggie Nurrenbern, D-Kansas City, said the education package is one of the best ones passed in her three years of serving in the House.

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