Show-Me Pro-Gun Tax Break

Actually, some locals look forward to the economic boost and let's not forget to be a bit skeptical about alleged Red State resistance to more gun rights. 

Nevertheless . . . 

Here's a newspaper summation of the sitch . . .

Missouri Sen. Rick Brattin is a conservative Republican known for pushing his party further to the right. Now, he’s sponsored a bill that would exempt the purchase of firearms and ammunition from all sales tax, and offer tax incentives to companies that make or sell them. Democrats described it as another stark example of misplaced priorities. Even five Republicans broke from their ranks and voted against the measure.

Still, Senate Bill 131 narrowly passed.

Ask about it here, you’ll learn two things quickly: Few know about the bill. Few are surprised.

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A Missouri lawmaker wants to cut taxes on guns. His constituents aren't so sure.

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - Here at the Interstate 49 exit ramp, a fiberglass cowboy stands three stories high, his two giant pistols drawn on passing motorists. Max, as he's known, welcomes visitors to the local Ford dealership, in the heart of Missouri Sen. Rick Brattin's district. And the welcome fits.