Show-Me DIY Trans Danger Amid Missouri Medical Crackdown

A bit of compassion is required with this story given that medical experimentation with or without the help of a doctor can have truly horrific results . . . And the main goal of limits on these type of procedures is to PROTECT people who are enduring mental health issues . . . Check-it . . .

“Do-it-yourself hormone replacement therapy” has become an increasingly common way for trans residents of restrictive states to avoid involuntarily stopping hormone treatment. Trans people  . . . Have been discreetly circulating a comprehensive a guide and a digital master list of hormone suppliers, some more reliable than others, through social media.

This online marketplace, known as the gray market, is comprised of unregulated suppliers who sell legitimate medications, sometimes name-brand, outside the distribution channels authorized by the manufacturers. Some trans people in GOP-controlled states that have not yet enacted bans are buying from these suppliers to build an emergency stockpile.

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DIY trans care evades barriers in Missouri, other states

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- With her insurance about to run out and Republicans in her home state of Missouri ramping up rhetoric against gender-affirming health care, Erin Stille nervously visited a foreign pharmaceutical site as a "last resort" to ensure she could continue getting the hormones she needs.