Show-Me Book Ban Shouting Match

To be fair . . . A librarian would've told both of these two politicos to "shhhh" in the midst of their intense debate . . . Check-it . . .

Reps. LaKeySha Frazier-Bosley (D-St. Louis) and Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs) both spoke about various elements and stances on House Bill 437, which eventually cleared the Missouri House on a 133-19 vote.

The bill pertains to fiscal years and budgets of Missouri libraries. One component of it would allow a board of trustees to amend or modify the approved budget at the request of librarians or on its own motion.

Frazier-Bosley called up Richey to question his support in funding libraries, but noted he voted to restrict funding for libraries in the latest state budget.

From there, it seems the bill discussions got a bit off-topic, leading Frazier-Bosley and Richey to debate over a newly-approved Missouri statute that bans explicit material in school libraries. In a video archived by the Missouri House of Representatives, both weighed in on the statute back-and-forth for nearly a minute.

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