SHOCK: Kansas Old School Dude Suffers Taser For 3mph Over Speed Limit

Looking for a bit of logical consistency on this one . . . Be fair . . . Or at least allow us this observation:

When outrage over police treatment comes from the urban core . . . Some of our beloved TKC readers often lament: "If only the suspect had complied . . ." or some such. 

Clearly, that same unforgiving attitude isn't being applied to this story . . . AND THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!

It's really hard to imagine any circumstance where this old codger represented a threat that would deserve this kind of treatment. 

Meanwhile . . .

As a KCMO resident, TKC is merely surprised that traffic stops are still "a thing" in other parts of the nation. 

Check international news picking up the story . . .

John J. Sigg, of Iola, sued Allen County Sheriff Bryan J. Murphy and former Deputy Joseph Stotler, 32 on Monday for the traffic stop gone wrong in 2021.

Sigg was clocked going 38mph in a 35mph speed limit around 5.30pm on April 16, according to the lawsuit.

When he pulled over, Stotler shouted at him to 'get on the f**king ground' before firing 2000 volts into the elderly man's body causing him to drop 'like a rock' and cut his head, the lawsuit alleges.

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KS man sues after he was tasered for going 3mph over speed limit

John J. Sigg, 80, of Iola, sued Allen County Sheriff Bryan J.