Serving Kansas City Basic Brunch With Cutesy Alpacas For Your Instagram

Forgive the trip down memory late . . . How To Tell if You're a Basic B*tch . . . Any pix on social media featuring adorable farm animals likely provide proof positive . . .

In fairness, it looks really fun and TKC is an adventurous soul . . . We won't deny curiosity about how alpacas might taste and if the low-rent beast of burden pairs nicely with the finest convenience store beer. 

We didn't see the menu but there's no harm in asking how the funny looking creature will be prepared for a hearty brunch . . .

Not only can community members buy plants, trees, and flowers for their yards at Colonial Gardens, the 80-acre garden center and working farm — which Ames, director of agritourism and business development, calls one of the best kept secrets in the Kansas City area — plays host to a variety of events and learning opportunities throughout the year.

“The goal really is to give people a full experience of connecting to nature, connecting to food, connecting to something other than the typical thought of ways to entertain yourself,” she said. ”Whether kids learn and become lifelong gardeners or adults come in and have never gardened before, we want to connect that piece.”

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Blue Springs farm, retail space invites city diners to the orchard for 'Alpaca Brunch'

Brunching with a multicolor trio of alpacas is just one of the experiential offerings coming to Colonial Gardens this spring and summer as the rural Blue Springs retail space leans into agritourism and hands-on education, said Grace Ames.