Riot Girl Punched Deputy At Worlds Of Fun: Time For Crackdown Policy?!?

More deets from this hot mess teen riot on opening day and a surprising bit of local law enforcement leniency . . .

Worlds of Fun did not answer KCTV5′s question about whether they will consider a chaperone or curfew policy. That’s something several people have suggested on social media.

The sheriff’s office said the girl who punched the deputy was arrested and turned over to her parents. They reported that the deputy had only superficial injuries.

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Families frustrated by teen fights at Worlds of Fun on opening day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Opening day for Worlds of Fun over the weekend devolved into a brawl among a large group of teens, which allegedly included a girl punching a sheriff's deputy. Mary Crawford was there with her grandkids, ages 4 and 10.