Prairie Village Fights To Preserve Place For Fading American Middle-Class

New zoning rules threaten to push out the kind of people who built this "perfect village" and replace them with luxury living space . . . And a few filling cabinets for the working class. 

Here's a peek at the struggle as the recession takes hold . . .

Mayor Eric Mikkelson suggested a change in zoning regulations was needed:

“We are losing attainable housing for middle-class families. Nurses, police officers, and teachers are being priced out of the housing market.”

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Prairie Village City Council narrows focus in residential rezoning debate - The Sentinel

A standing-room-only audience crowded into the Prairie Village City Council chambers and an adjoining multi-purpose room to watch council members debate a controversial residential rezoning plan. The meeting was labeled a "work session". There was no public comment, but the overflow crowd indicated the community's interest in the proposal to update zoning regulations to increase the stock of more affordable housing in the city.