Pompeo Declares: Conservatives Have Lost Confidence & Risk Loss To Prez Biden

The former SecState recently took jabs at MAGA and offers tough love for the GOP. 

Here's the basics of his recent remarks . . .

Republicans could have won the 2020 election, and we certainly should have performed far better in the 2022 midterms. But we didn't. The urgent question that must be answered is: why?

I believe that conservatives have lost confidence in their own ideas.

We've been led to believe that principles don't matter, but performances do; that celebrity is more important than substance; that punching back is more important than articulating a compelling vision for America.

And look where that has gotten us.

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MIKE POMPEO: Republicans need REAL contender, not polarizing candidate

President Joe Biden's announcement that he is seeking re-election is a wake-up call to conservatives. An incredible 70% of Americans say Biden should not run again. If we can't defeat him in 2024, what does that say about us? Take a hard look in the mirror.

Kansas Chamber Dinner features former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

TOPEKA ( KSNT) - The Kansas Chamber of Commerce held their annual dinner and banquet Wednesday evening in Exhibition Hall at the Stormont Vail Events Center. The Chamber's Annual Dinner is one the largest gatherings of business leaders and policy makers in the state. It features the presentation of the Chamber's annual Ad Astra Award.

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