Newsflash: Kansas City Westside Confronts Rampant Gentrification

We've been writing about this topic for more than a decade . . . Today the newspaper decided to do a Zillow search and share their notes on the longstanding topic.

Here are the basics and we offer a note of thanks that they didn't use Latinx in the copy . . .

Five more homes, each costing about $600,000, are being built alongside her by New Line Homes.

That does not include the $800,000 towering house with an elevator and bocce ball court that went up in 2019. Next to it are three empty lots soon to be developed by Edward Franklin Building Co., a high-end firm whose multiple West Side properties include side-by-side $1.2 million homes a few streets away.

Total count: 16 new houses on one block.

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'It's a little scary': How $1M homes are changing Kansas City's Hispanic West Side

High on the bluffs of Kansas City's West Side, Monique Ortiz stepped out onto the porch of her 120-year-old home and, with a mixture of uncertainty and sad acceptance, looked across the street at the future. "It's a little scary," she said. "I just hope we get good neighbors."