New Yorker On Kansas City Teen Shooting: 'We're Being Hunted Down Like Animals'

For the record . . . This elite article is garbage and it's exactly the thing every J-School grad dreams of writing.

No hustling to report breaking news or eye-ball killing investigative work digging through mostly useless old dox. 


This scribe merely showed up about a week after a hot mess and offered a few scintillating observations after doing research with a couple of meetups and a church picnic. 

Crusty meme-sters work harder than this but they don't get any prestige or cash that comes with writing for the New Yorker. 

As far as the report goes . . . 

It's all hearsay and talking points . . . Here are the basics . . .

"Kansas City’s tight-knit community of Liberian immigrants finds itself at the center of an American story of racist violence."

And here's the money line from an interview that will likely win a Pulitzer but won't really contribute to the understanding of this story that has sparked a national sensation but no real solutions. 

Here's the word . . .

While she spoke, people started chanting, “Justice for Ralph! Justice for Ralph!” The oak trees swayed in the breeze, casting long, spindly shadows over the crowd. “It’s just too much,” she said. “At church we’re being killed. In supermarkets we’re being killed.”

“We’re being hunted down like animals,” she said.

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The Aftermath of the Ralph Yarl Shooting

Last week, on Tuesday afternoon, Linda Deah stood in a crowd in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Kansas City to protest the shooting of Ralph Yarl. It was an unseasonably warm day, and a nearby row of budding oak trees weren't much help against the strong spring sun.