More Deets: Kansas City Transgender 'Safe Haven' Moves Forward

A glimpse at city hall action that earns partisan accolades if nothing else . . .

The council is reportedly considering taking action to address the commission’s request. According to Councilwoman Andrea Bough, she and others are drafting a resolution to protect transgender people in Kansas City from restrictions imposed at the state level.

“We can say to members of our community that we see you, we welcome you, and we will support you in every way that we can,” Bough said recently. “We will not let those who seek to harm you come to our communities and step on our jurisdiction and impose their will on us to the highest extent of our capabilities and our laws.”

City officials are also considering additional actions to protect residents’ access to gender-affirming care. Mayor Quinton Lucas, for instance, recently posted on Twitter that the city is examining ways to aid a legal challenge that was recently filed against the new restrictions.

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The Kansas City council is also considering requests to make the city a "safe haven" for trans Missourians seeking care. Government officials in Kansas City, Missouri, are considering several legal avenues to oppose an impending state order that would restrict gender-affirming care for transgender residents.