More Bird Scooters Litter Kansas City Streets

Something to consider that might contradict our "transit-orientated" friends . . . 

Vox: We regret to inform you that scooters aren’t actually good for the environment

Money line: 

"Researchers at North Carolina State University set out to determine how much harm to the climate results from each portion of a scooter’s “life cycle.” They found that most of the harm comes from manufacturing the device, which is typically done in China, and from transporting it around a city, which is typically done by — you guessed it — cars. "

Still the myth persists thanks to journalists who don't like asking questions or doing even a modicum of research about hype press releases and their consequences . . .

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with Kansas City and event organizers to help facilitate more efficient, affordable, and sustainable transportation during the 2023 NFL Draft, said Maggie Hoffman, Bird VP of city growth and strategy. By partnering with the city and the league to coordinate such a significant event, we will be able to ease the travel experience for many while increasing the use of eco-friendly transportation."

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Bird expanding fleet to 1,400 e-scooters in Kansas City for 2023 NFL Draft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bird, the electric mobility company, announced Tuesday it is adding 500 e-scooters to the Kansas City area as the exclusive e-scooter operator of the 2023 NFL Draft. With 900 scooters already in the Kansas City metro, the total number of scooters will be brought to 1,400 during draft week.