Mizzou Police Share 'Sextortion' Warning

A tragic life lesson awaits students about one of many digital confidence scams.

Here are the basics . . . That have more dire consequences than sexploitation in comics, movies and most aspects of American culture . . .

"Investigators said scammers often start conversations flirting with potential victims, then move to asking for explicit photos or videos. Once shared, the scammer will then threaten to post or share the images unless the victim pays them money."

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MU police warn of 'sextortion' scams targeting students

COLUMBIA - Police at the University of Missouri-Columbia are warning students to be wary of so-called "sextortion" scams targeting students by trying to get hold of sexually explicit photographs. The MU Police Department said it's received 10 reports during the current academic year of extortion involving sexual photographs sent through apps like Instagram and Snapchat.