Missouri & Kansas Slap Fighting As Seen From Kansas City

A quick glimpse at our favorite former flop house and peek at statehouse issues that will continue to make headlines this month . . .

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Trash Fires Up Community

South Kansas City landfill project faces growing opposition in Jefferson City

A Missouri Senate committee on Tuesday heard from an overflow crowd overwhelmingly against a proposed landfill in South Kansas City.Multiple city leaders, residents, and business leaders from municipalities surrounding the proposed landfill spoke against the project, as landfill developer, Jenny Monheiser, once again confirmed to Missouri lawmakers she is pushing forward with a plan to build a landfill south of Missouri 150 Highway.Monheiser said her company is under contract for or has acquired nearly 500 acres in the area, after last week releasing a list of frequently asked questions about the project to KMBC 9 Investigates.

Show-Me Test Score Translation

How good is my school district? Making sense of Missouri's new scoring system

The scores sum up the annual performance reports that DESE puts out most years as part of its Missouri School Improvement Program to evaluate districts and identify areas for improvement.

Rock Chalk Uncovered

Thousands of Kansans to lose coverage in Medicaid redetermination

TOPEKA ( KSNT) - Hundreds of thousands of Kansans could lose their healthcare coverage, as the state goes through a year-long Medicaid redetermination process. According to Kansas healthcare officials at Blue Cross Blue Shield, about 104,000 Kansans are expected to lose their current healthcare coverage.

Show-Me Byproduct Rules

Missouri lawmakers take aim at unregulated 'delta-8 THC' hemp products * Missouri Independent

As he was checking out at a convenience store one day, state Rep. Kurtis Gregory said he looked down and saw "delta-8 THC" products being sold. He had no idea THC, the intoxicating component mostly associated with marijuana, could be sold openly outside of dispensaries.

Dead-Tree Rant Against Guns

A teacher strike to end gun violence? Kansas GOP might just use it to defund schools | Opinion

We're at the brainstorming stage of the gun massacre crisis now. When you get a group of folks together for a brainstorming session, the official motto is often, "There are no bad ideas." In the real world, everybody knows that there really are bad ideas.

Family Affair . . . 

Jay Ashcroft elevated voting conspiracy theories. Now he's running for Missouri governor

During his time in the office, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has been willing to acknowledge and elevate those that have promoted conspiracy theories and false claims about elections. Following former President Donald Trump's debunked theories after the 2020 presidential election, Ashcroft said he was confident that Missouri's elections were secure.

The Dotte Dreams Of Remodel

'We want development.' KCK approves new downtown project with hopes of revitalization

A long-delayed plan to redevelop a key property in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, has been given another opportunity - though it might be the last. The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, on Thursday unanimously approved a development agreement with Willie Lanier Jr., who plans to demolish the now-closed Jack Reardon Convention Center.

More Deets About Book Man

Missouri's new effort to punish libraries is vindictive and harmful * Missouri Independent

Late last month, Missouri's House passed a budget that would strip all state funding for public libraries - $4.5 million in total. Republican lawmakers say they are doing this to retaliate against a lawsuit by Missouri librarians, who hope to see a new law against "explicit sexual material" in schools - in reality, a book banning mandate - declared unconstitutional.

Developing . . .