Missouri & Kansas Politricks Roundup

There isn't anything groundbreaking in this collection of local political links HOWEVER we wanted to share a few stories that provide an overview of springtime debate across the region.

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Mayor Q Gladly Accepts Weed Cash

Lucas' summary for all Missouri politicians: 'Thank y'all for the weed tax money'

(The Center Square) - Democratic Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas provided a succinct summary for most of Missouri's elected leaders after Tuesday's elections. "Thank y'all for the weed tax money," Lucas posted on social media. Voters approved a 3% recreational marijuana sales tax in dozens of counties and municipalities throughout Missouri on Tuesday.

Rock Chalk Cutoff

Kansas Legislature votes to revoke licenses of physicians who perform gender-affirming care - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - The Legislature voted to effectively ban gender-affirming care for Kansans under the age of 18 and revoke the license of physicians who offered such care, comparing gender identity issues to smoking. The bill was heard and passed 70-52 in the House and 23-12 in the Senate during early Friday morning hours, following the Legislature's decision to suspend protocol and work through the night.

Show-Me Rejection

A Missouri county won't work with the ATF, claiming the federal agency is 'unconstitutional'

Six top elected officials in Camden County, Missouri, are refusing to cooperate with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, claiming the agency itself is unconstitutional. ATF agents say they need zoning information so the agency can complete the applications for four people who want to open gun stores in Camden County, about 250 miles southeast of Kansas City.

Sunflower State Fight For Life

Kansas lawmakers advance unproven abortion pill 'reversal' legislation to Kelly's desk

Kansas lawmakers approved a policy early Friday morning requiring abortion providers and pharmacists to inform patients of an unproven treatment to "reverse" mifepristone, the first drug used in a medication abortion. It was one of several measures on abortion the Republican-controlled Legislature sent to Democratic Gov.

Show-Me Weed Future

After recreational marijuana tax increases approved, Missouri governments discuss what's next

On Wednesday, hours after voters in many Missouri municipalities agreed to tax recreational marijuana, those local governments were already talking about what the money will go towards. Already, the state of Missouri has a 6% sales tax on recreational marijuana.

Censorship Stays Winning

Kansas House passes bill allowing parents to remove children from 'objectionable' lessons - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Parents who don't believe their children should be taught about slavery could potentially ignore history, one lawmaker argued in opposition to a wide-ranging parental rights bill. The legislation , which passed the House 76-46, would allow parents to withdraw their children from courses they find objectionable under the assumption that teachers are crossing the line into advocating for radical ideas.

Head Check Harder To Find

Kansans struggle with access to mental health care. But the state is retooling its coverage

TOPEKA, Kansas - Sherie Keegan would have adopted a child from the Kansas foster care system, but the girl's mental health needs were too much. Keegan worried whether the help she needed to care for such a troubled child could be found near Paola, Kansas.

STL Rejects Family Rule

Please God, No, Jay Ashcroft Is Running for Governor | Riverfront Times

Today, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced he is running for governor, and all we can say is please, make it stop. Our majority-Republican legislature and two extremist GOP senators have already packed the circus tent that is now the state of Missouri. We don't need another one.

Guide To Performing Your Own Surgery

Kansas could remove thousands of people from Medicaid rolls. Here's what to do if you're on KanCare

More than 500,000 Kansans face a review over the next year to see if they still qualify for Medicaid - the first check on eligibility since the pandemic prompted a temporary change in rules three years ago.

Feeding The Future

Meal debt is soaring after universal free lunch ended. How are Midwest states responding?

Pat Broz has been serving meals to students in the Mehlville School District outside of St. Louis for almost 30 years. On a recent day at Oakville Elementary School, the bouncing kindergarteners sliding trays toward the register were all dressed up for school pictures. She complimented their outfits as she rang up their lunches.

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