Missouri 'Gender-Affirming' Medical Crackdown Sends Trans Community Packing

Sadly . . . That was probably the point from the right-wing GOP purveyors of new medical rules for adults.

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After years of efforts to limit access to certain medical procedures for transgender youth, the Missouri Attorney General’s emergency rule is the state’s first action affecting transgender adults — a step many feared was on the horizon.

The emergency rule’s announcement has been the final push for some Missourians to leave their homes to safeguard their, or their loved one’s, access to medicine.

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Transgender Missourians consider leaving state after AG includes adults in emergency rule * Missouri Independent

Sera Hart-Smith and her partner Kyle Kiera Hart are packing their belongings to leave Missouri before Hart-Smith runs out of her supply of estrogen. Hart-Smith has been taking estrogen since she was 19, and the couple is afraid state leaders may take that access away and push her back into the depression that she felt before medically transitioning.