Local Dude 86s Himself Whilst Rotting In Jail Cell Over Child Support Beef

Dead-tree media shares perspective on the fight for a man's rights that now seems more elusive than ever . . .

Everson had been behind bars 10 days when he was found unresponsive in his cell on Jan. 23. The sheriff’s office said he died by suicide. Everson’s loved ones question why he was left alone in a cell after having seizures and why they got differing accounts from county officials about his death before the autopsy had been conducted.

The family also says putting Everson in jail was not going to help him become a better father. Instead of collecting any child support, the county’s actions added another death to a local jail that, by at least one measure, has seen too many in recent years.

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Man died in Clay County jail, unable to afford bond. His crime? Not paying child support

Ryan Everson had problems. His family agrees on that. But they also say he loved his three kids. That's why they think it was senseless for Clay County to put him in jail for failing to pay $50 child support installments he couldn't afford. His children, after all, are mostly grown now.