Legal Complaint Againset KCPD Alleges 'Dogwatch' Ticket Quota Consequences

We found another roundup from a national libertarian mag that picked up a recent cowtown policing controversy. 

This time around, here's the detail that stands out . . .

The complaint states that in 2015, the KCPD began requiring each officer within the traffic unit "to issue 1,820 tickets by the end of the year." Further, if the officers "did not fulfill a 'ticket quota' then they would be kicked out of the unit and sent straight to 'dogwatch' which is an overnight shift viewed by many as undesirable and frequently worked by officers with low seniority."

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New lawsuit alleges that Kansas City Police Department set illegal ticket quotas for officers

Police Abuse (Illustration: Lex Villena; Photographerlondon) A longtime veteran of the Kansas City, Missouri, police department has filed a lawsuit against the department, alleging that he was required to meet illegal "ticket quotas" or face demotion. Edward Williams, who has worked at the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) for over two decades, filed a lawsuit against the department last month.