KC Tenants Stay Winning More Freebies

Credit where it's due . . . Yellow t-shirts and CURIOUS campaign financing intimidate corporate suits into backing off rent spikes until a better time in the newscycle.

Like it or not . . . A win is a win . . . Here's a peek at the challenge and the recent outcome . . .

"On March 22, they actually issued lease nonrenewals, essentially a notice to vacate and that if the tenants did not get out by the end of April there would be quote-on-quote consequences such as raising their rent as high as 150%, said Gabe Coppage, organizer with KC Tenants, Midtown Tenant Union."

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Lease nonrenewals prompt New Yorker residents to team up with KC Tenants

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Stefannie Sippel has been a resident of The New Yorker in Kansas City, Missouri, since 2019. The retiree says she's "real happy" to live in the building. But in March, Sippel received a letter from Mac Properties, the company that owns her building, that made her fearful for her future as a resident.