Kansas Warns Against 4/20 Impaired Driving

All manner of meds threaten local streets . . . Some of them are even more dangerous than mobile phones . . . Check-it . . .

The department, along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is reminding drivers not to drive impaired, whether using marijuana or another substance, and that "if you feel different, you drive different."

Many people don't realize it can be just as dangerous to drive while using certain drugs or substances as it is alcohol, KDOT Behavioral Safety Manager Gary Herman said in a statement. Marijuana, antianxiety medications, painkillers and muscle relaxants are just a few of many substances that can seriously impact ones reaction times and ability to drive safely.

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KDOT warns against impaired driving ahead of 1st '420' since recreational marijuana legalized in MO

The Kansas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers not to drive impaired ahead of the first 420 "holiday" since recreational marijuana was legalized across the state line. KDOT says that 420, an unofficial holiday on April 20 where many people participate in cannabis-related celebrations, marks an uptick in marijuana use each year.