Kansas Prog Blog Claims Climate Change Mind Pollution

Forgive us if we don't yet "trust the science" on this issue . . .

"A changing climate is likely to exacerbate the effects of air pollution on the brain and mental health. Warmer temperatures react with tailpipe emissions from cars to create more ozone than is generated when it’s cooler. And more and larger forest fires are expected to mean more days of smoky skies.

"Ozone has been linked to neurodegeneration, decline in cerebral plasticity, the death of neurons, and learning and memory impairment."

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Depressed? Anxious? Air pollution may be a factor - Kansas Reflector

In the 1990s, residents of Mexico City noticed their dogs acting strangely - some didn't recognize their owners, and the animals' sleep patterns had changed. At the time, the sprawling, mountain-ringed city of more than 15 million people was known as the most polluted in the world, with a thick, constant haze of fossil fuel pollution trapped by thermal inversions.