Kansas Guv Kelly Stays Losing Culture War?!?

A mixed week for the Kansas politico who confronted red state relation amid this veto session.

Here's the word . . .

"Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly has seen some of her vetoes of culture wars legislation and others overridden by conservative Republicans who control the Kansas Legislature."

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Restrictions on transgender rights and abortion coming to Kansas after Republicans override vetoes

TOPEKA, Kansas - Republicans controlling the Legislature continued to use their supermajority to push through laws curbing transgender and abortion rights on Thursday. Lawmakers overrode Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's veto to pass a law that bans transgender women from women's bathrooms and other public places preserved for women.

Kansas abortion providers face new rule after veto overriden

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas health care providers could face criminal charges over accusations about their care of newborns delivered during certain abortion procedures after the Republican-controlled Legislature on Wednesday overrode Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's veto of their legislation.