Kansas Conservatives Claim Economy Stays Losing Thanks To Guv Kelly

The flat tax didn't play well but that won't stop our conservative from crunching the numbers and sharing their concerns . . . Check-it . . .

Based on the Sunflower State’s Gross Domestic Product growth (the amount of goods produced and sold), Net Domestic Migration (U.S. residents moving in and out of states), Non-Farm Payroll growth (employment), Kansas settles into 39th place for economic performance, wedged between Blue States New Jersey and Maryland. Ten years ago, it ranked #35. After four years of tax relief, roundly criticized by both political parties, the state finished a robust 20th in 2017. It came in at #34 last year.

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Kansas falls farther behind in annual Rich States, Poor States report - The Sentinel

Kansas' mediocre economic growth over the last decade, coupled with a domestic-migration population loss over the same period, has driven the state into the bottom 12 in the Union in economic performance, according to the 16th annual Rich States, Poor States report released by the American Legislative Exchange Council ).