Kansas City's Earth Day 2023 Demand: Carbon Neutral Future

As we celebrate our remaining years together after AOC predicted the upcoming skyfall . . .


Certainly, we haven't seen as much interest or commitment to curbing the record-breaking homicide count. 

And so we take a peek at the likely agenda for the next 4 years under the current regime . . .

Elected officials and city leaders have tried to position the city as a hub for Midwest activity, there's a similar effort to position Kansas City as a model for climate action in the Midwest.

The effort includes the city's Chief Environmental Officer Andy Savastino, Mayor Quinton Lucas, Councilwoman Andrea Bough and City Manager Brian Platt, among many others.

In a recent interview with KSHB, the group spoke about the LEED gold certification of the recently-opened new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport and the passage of a Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan.

The plan works to identify ways for the city to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2040.

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Kansas City, Missouri, seeking to be green leader in Midwest, working to reach carbon neutral goal by 2040

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In a recent White House Press conference, fictional television soccer coach Ted Lasso said it best. "What I am genuinely worried about is once we get all these folks from all over the world to come to Kansas City and see our city, eat our food, meet our people, you're going to have a lot of folks that won't want to move away," Lasso, played by Overland Park-native Jason Sudeikis, said.

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