Kansas City Zoo Penguin Cam Cancelled

Trolls ruin what was a great & relaxing resource for online denizens around the world.

Here's the aftermath and part of the official story followed by more info . . .

The popularity came with increased challenges, according to the zoo, including ongoing harassment to zoo staff, which led to the decision to end the live feed.

"We know many will be disappointed by the end of the Penguin Cam and the zoo shares their frustration, but we must do what is best for employee safety and wellbeing," the zoo said in a statement Thursday.

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Kansas City Zoo ending live Penguin Cam over ongoing harassment to staff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Zoo is ending its 24-hour live Penguin Cam that has been available to online viewers since the Helzberg Penguin Plaza opened 10 years ago. The zoo said Thursday that the live feed fromm inside the penguin habitat grew to peak popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching about three million views per year.

Births, deaths and a viral video: KC Zoo's penguin exhibit draws acclaim and scrutiny

In 2019, the Kansas City Zoo, then six years into its penguin exhibit, flew innine fertile macaroni penguin eggs from San Diego. They were cozy in an incubator, with their own seat on the plane. In the coming months, it took hundreds of hours of care for zookeepers to hatch and hand-raise the eight surviving birds.

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