Kansas City Write-Ins Have Feelings Too

Credit where it's due . . . Here's a very smart note and a glimpse at alternative option from a write-in candidate . . . Check-it . . .


Clay and Quinton,

While we may not see eye to eye on things,  I wanted to reach out and wish you both luck. I personally, will be writing myself in and have encouraged many to do the same but never know what happens maybe no one will.

No matter the case, two of the four will advance to the general. In the event it is you two, you both need to stop the bickering, grow up and do what is best for the people. I would include Leroy but I just found out about him today when a lady emailed me asking a few questions before informing me that she will write me in.

I will expect you both be respectful to each other because this is not about what each of you want. It's about what is best for all of Kansas City including the opposition. We all know Quinton has made many mistakes. Likewise, Clay has done the same. Heck, I have as well. We are all human and growing.

In the event, I advance, I want to be clear those who don't will still get a seat at the table and will be heard. A two-party system is designed for oppositions to convene in the center.

Rest assured, that no matter the outcome the people are expecting more due to the spike in homicides, assaults, rape, property crimes, ect.  Quinton will have to explain why he has failed to fulfill many previous campaign promises and will have to explain how he intends on avoiding those failures. Clay may have a few other questions to answer.

We need to be focusing on our children and our educators first before dumping money into a park, or monorail. We need to be helping domestic abuse victims, homeless, trash, streets, sidewalks. We don't need to be wasting time fighting with the police board. We need not pick a fight with the NRA and instead focus on getting to the root causes of the issues. We need to work together not attempt to control because Historically that never ends well.

Will chat soon. Have a great day.

Andrew McGuire, M.A.

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You decide . . .