Kansas City Star Second Guesses Police Shooting In The Dotte

This note is pretty much a nothing-burger . . . However, offers up a peek at police policy that might OR MIGHT NOT be applicable . . . Check-it . . .

"But shooting the driver of a moving car is generally considered a bad idea except under certain circumstances, according to national law enforcement experts and the policies of some of the biggest police departments in the country.

"The policy of the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department places limits on the authority of officers to shoot at moving vehicles, allowing it in situations where occupants are using a deadly weapon against police or the vehicle is being used as a deadly weapon against a person who is not able to move out of its path.

"How that policy matches up to what occurred in the shooting is not clear. Video from body cameras or dashboard cameras that may have captured the shooting is not open to the public under Kansas law and might never be publicly released, though the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office has in the past shared videos after completing case reviews."

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In fatally shooting man in moving car, KCK cops used tactic discouraged by experts

After Kansas City, Kansas, police shot and killed a man during a traffic stop Wednesday night, the man's girlfriend, who was a passenger in the car, said an officer opened fire after the man tried to drive away. Much about how police came to shoot Amaree'ya Henderson, 25, a delivery driver from Independence, remains unknown.