Kansas City Star Blames Drivers For Disappointing New Airport Design & Traffic Troubles

Trolling readers is one tactic that blogs often use to engage followers . . . Sadly, the trick is supposed to be funny and not in service of corporate debt at expense of the electorate and people stuck waiting in line thanks to broken promises . . .

"The problem really isn’t the design, or even the do-nothing cops; it’s the drivers."

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No, you can't park curbside at KCI anymore. That's part of having a big-boy airport | Opinion

Deep breaths, people. Of course humans need to vent their frustrations; this is why God invented Twitter, and the opinion page. But to all of those upset that pickup at Kansas City International Airport isn't what it used to be, well, part of getting a big-boy airport is having to behave at pickup as if you were at any other airport in any other grown-up city in the world.