Kansas City South Loop Scam Persists Without Resident Consent Or Federal Support

Press releases and a whiff of money is backing the project that hinges on cash from Prez Biden that is increasingly in short supply.

But let's not forget . . . The feds don't want any part of this effort. 

A recent CRITICAL note that has been all but forgotten . . .  

"In the USDOT’s “FY 2022 Mega Ratings Report,” officials did not issue a recommendation for the grant, pointing to four shortcomings: cost-effectiveness, lack of “stable and dependable” sources of non-federal funding, capacity to carry out the project, and the necessary data collection and analysis."

Still . . . The push persists . . .

But read between the lines on this one . . . The whole effort is nothing more than sound & fury hoping to lure in federal cash before too many questions are answered . . .

The collective partnership team comprised of the City, Downtown Council and Port KC continue to work with stakeholders on additional private funding and commitments have been made. We anticipate more funding announcements soon as we formalize them.

With the federal funding being provided from several sources, It still isn’t fully determined with the total match percentage will be.

The nature of this project is such that total park span and various components could be phased to allow for timing of construction, and budget available at various points until we reach a full span build. The study even allows for considering possible growth beyond the initial proposed span.

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Kansas City is asking Missouri for millions in tax credits to build a park over I-670

Kansas City is inching closer to realizing the dream of an urban park atop a downtown highway. On Thursday, the Kansas City Council passed an ordinance directing City Manager Brian Platt to apply for $15 million in state tax credits to further fund the $200 million South Loop park - a move that officials hope will make the project viable.

South Loop Park Project | KCMO.gov - City of Kansas City, MO

Port KC, the Downtown Council, and KCMO are collaborating on the South Loop park project. Information will be coming soon! Preview the Loop Reimagination! Who will operate and manage the park? That is still a decision to be made in the future. But in planning, we have looked to the Klyde Warren Park success as a model.

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The South Loop Project is a 5.5-acre sustainable urban park over I-670 linking adjacent communities, and a collaborative effort led by Port KC, the Downtown Council, and City of Kansas City. As a public green space and state-of-the-art destination park, it will include features such as accessible play spaces, public entertainment forums, multimodal transportation options and more.